Salt Kiss

Now that you’ve cut me deep

Throw me into the sea

Even though the waves will drown out my screams

at least the salt will be there

to kiss me soft and slow

Something you never cared to give me


Pinkie – Thomas Lawrence


A light coral stains her pale cheek

Luscious dark curls cascade into perfection

The long white clutches around her body as the wind

plays with the fabric

Wild twirls of the satin peach ribbons reach across her face

In the distance, ominous clouds roll across the horizon

A storm like no other hangs above the world of all creation

She should run, escape before the inevitable chaos begins

Yet the young beauty stands grounded, hands outreached

eyes piercing into your own

Just as muddled and full of decimate as the heavens above

the windows into her soul

were blurred, hiding abomination within


the screaming

A screaming comes across the sky.

Vibrations of the sound rattle everything below the atmosphere. Every creature feeling it’s energy.

The sun setting below the horizon casts brilliant colors of a citrus orange, soft coral and deep violet on the cloud trails it leaves behind.

Closer and closer evermore, the air splitting sound crescendos.

Traveling at unbelievable speeds, death is almost upon them.

All eyes are fixed above, in awe of the beauty, in shock of the reality, and petrified by fear.

A moment before the devastation, the scene depicts beloved children clutched in parent’s arms, lovers embracing, and tears sliding down the cheeks of close friends.

And an instant, in an explosion of incredible heat and blinding light, the place that was once was, is no longer.

Down in history, the town will not be known for the football team, the dainty shops downtown or the charming people.

Instead it will be known

for the missile.